1. Gage

    Feel free to post photos/stories of the nastiest or most concerning lighting instruments you've found.

    Feel free to move this to a different section, or combine it with another thread if it's already a thing, I didn't find any threads exactly like this, but I'm notoriously bad at searching for things.I thought I could start out with a fuzzy strand lekolite, every single one in the air was in...
  2. AshleyB

    Sticky douser

    We have a Times Square QF 1000 with a sticky douser. It will unstick if I open the top and put a little pressure on the arm. It only sticks in the closed position. There is some heat warping of the top shutter - so I'm thinking its causing a jam there as all the other joints are moving freely...
  3. nick_fouts

    Sennheiser Mic Maintenance

    We have 12 Sennheiser ew300 G3 lapel mic systems that we use twice yearly for high school musical productions. We take generally good care of them, but since I have taken over technical direction a few years ago, we have not really cleaned the mic packs or ME-2 mics much, as nobody ever taught...
  4. R

    CEM Display Freaked

    Hi Everyone, Was vacuuming out sensor racks and at some point the CEM display freaked out--all we did was a standard pulling-out and replacing of D20s, R20s & CC20s. The CEMs weren't even touched.Happened to 2 out of 3 racks. CEM+ model, so admittedly a bit old, but this sure didn't happen...
  5. Dsmagnussen

    LEDs-leave on or turn off?

    Hey all, We are just getting our first set or LED wash fixtures in our plot. Martin Rush Par 2 Zoom. I have surge protection on each circuit, but no simple way to turn them off at the end of the night. we looked into the ETC relays, but can't swing the cash after the layout for the Martins...
  6. B

    Organizing control booths

    I'm the new lighting tech at my school and the booth is a absolute mess. It needs to complete reorganized and I'm not sure where to start. Does anyone have any ideas
  7. StephIsabel

    Motor Maintenance Mayhem!

    I am trying to gather documentation on the motors which power the acoustic shell in our mainstage. I did a search and the motor has not only been discontinued by the manufacturer, but has no drawings or maintenance documentation. (I can find a spec sheet which gives me the exact information on...
  8. Thetechmanmac

    Control/Dimming Sensor rack maintenance

    My theatre has 2 ETC sensor racks that need some love. The school has been open for 11 years, and as far as I know the dimmers have never been cleaned, or (much to my dismay) ever been shut down (fans and all). In the dimmer room, feeding said dimmers is a 600 amp switch. Install type. (not...
  9. CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional Lighting Insights: Moving Head Maintenance Basics

    It’s time to take the base covers off and get down to the nitty-gritty of moving head maintenance. Mike Graham walks you through the maintenance basics for everything from belts to lenses to gobos to CMY bulkheads so you can keep your moving heads in top shape. Watch now.
  10. CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional Lighting Insights: Field Servicing Permanent Installations

    Join Mike Graham as he takes us through the process of cleaning out and rejuvenating installation fixtures.
  11. GregM

    Servicing and maintenance of movers.

    When it comes to cleaning the optics of movers (dichroic's, lenses, glass gobos) what is everyone's preferred weapon of choice?