1. tdtastic

    Painting Microphone Elements/Cords

    Best paint/additive to paint lapel cord and element - GO! Looking for advice on matching darker skin tones by painting our existing equipment. Want to make sure that anything we do won't crack or rub off but stay flexible and move with the cord.
  2. Blassiter

    Dead and Poisoned Makeup look

    I am currently working on Jekyll and Hyde, the director wants each dead character to return to stage reflecting how they died. I have the bloody deaths covered. Is there a lexicon of makeup looks for different types of poisons? I was going to go with a hypoxia look if I couldn't find a better one.
  3. Silicon_Knight

    Makeup lights for touring show (compact and on the cheap)

    I am part of a production team (Tech Manager) with my church (i.e. budget constrained) and we take a full musical on the road each summer as our youth choir tour. This includes a full live orchestra, the actors/singers, tech crew, etc. (all staffed by the youth) where we perform nightly shows...