1. Prod_Coordinator_Monkey

    What price, Marley?

    I just got hired as the Production Coordinator at a small 2 venue performing arts center after being pandemic-out-of-work for over 8 months. Yay!Limited storage space for stuff, limited budget, you know the story.The performing arts center addition that includes the spaces I'm responsible...
  2. O

    White Scuffs on Black Marley

    An artist came to our space, after being notified the first time about scuffing our floor, and scuffed it once again. We have tried cleaning solutions including wet mop, rosco cleaner, goo gone and bristled broom. I heard floor buffers are a bad way to go. Does anyone have a recommendation on...
  3. I

    Installing Marley in a Studio?

    Hi there,I am looking to replace the marley in our primary dance studio ASAP and our local vendor will sell me the marley but not remove the old marley nor permanently install the new one. I called Rosco and Harelquin directly and they were of no help. Does anyone know the best course of...