1. Mike52

    Automated Fixtures LED Movers - Purchase Advice

    Hey all, sorry for yet another post on movers. We are picking up 11-13 new profiles and I am looking for experiences/advice with any of the following.Martin - ERA 600 Profile Martin - MAC Quantum - We have used and they are solid fixtures, but no CTO or shutters make them less desirable...
  2. M

    How to: Irregular Flickering Effects using Martin MPC

    Dear allI Have been Scrolling through this site and I am so glad to have stumbled upon a wealth of resources!I am a South African theatre director as well as a technical coordinator for a Theatre-Lab (belonging to a College). I am putting on Pinter's 'The Dumb Waiter' next year and hope...
  3. Colin Bishop

    Mac 550 Dimmer

    So I have a Mac 550 that dims poorly. It only turns on at about 50% and as such it looks off compared to my other ones. When strobing sometimes the dimmer will also end up in the wrong position, letting a little bit of light leak out at 0%, I have to reset the fixture to fix that issue but the...
  4. H

    Automated Fixtures Martin Mac 2000 Performance II - LERR + Flickering issue

    Hello All,I am having an issue with one of our Martin Mac 2000 Performances. The fixture boots up as normal however the "Service" light is illuminated.Once I send the Lamp On command via the Console [ETC Ion], I can clearly hear the Relay click. After a moment the display starts to flash...
  5. TheTheaterGeek

    Automated Fixtures Mac 2K Performance Hanging Question

    Can you hang a mac 2k horizontally? 90° from a vertical pipe?Can't find it in the manual.
  6. Dsmagnussen

    LEDs-leave on or turn off?

    Hey all, We are just getting our first set or LED wash fixtures in our plot. Martin Rush Par 2 Zoom. I have surge protection on each circuit, but no simple way to turn them off at the end of the night. we looked into the ETC relays, but can't swing the cash after the layout for the Martins...
  7. MRW Lights

    Martin MH Profile Plus hanging iris failure

    Okay hive mind here's a new one at least for me... I have a Martin MH Profile Plus with a "stuck" Iris. I say "stuck" because if it's on the deck it works fine, but the second you hang it the Iris stops working. We have exhausted the trouble shooting list, isolating the dmx, resetting the...
  8. mikeydoesstuff

    TW1 repair

    Hey friends, I took over repairing a TW1 and the two fuse boards were separated without labeling. Can anyone shoot me a photo of the top board put together properly, or a wiring diagram if you have one? All my others are on the road so I dont have one on hand for reference. Thanks
  9. WFair

    Automated Fixtures Troubleshooting Flickering MAC2000 Performance

    I have recently gotten my hands on several Martin MAC2000 Performance fixtures that have been heavily used but still seemed to be working fine. I did a very quick test of all the functions with them sitting on my stage and everything looked fine. I have now hung them (so they are upside down...
  10. Colin Bishop

    Martin/JEM ZR24/7 Thermal Problems

    I have a Martin ZR24/7 hazer, it gets used every Sunday. But about a month ago it stopped working and I only got around to fixing it last week. I determined that the thermal fuse, a DM182V thermal fuse, had blown. I got a new one from my local lighting dealer, installed it and it worked great...
  11. M

    Martin M-PC GM &FM Stuck at 0%

    I have this really weird problem. All of a sudden the grandmaster and flashmaster on M-PC is stuck at zero. Ive tried reinstalling the software. And even used a software given to me by Martin support to fix it. But I've had no luck. I have full DMX control of the fixtures (Pan, tilt, lamp on) I...
  12. Technic_Lee

    What's the difference between a Martin MAC 500 & MAC 600 PCB

    I have come across numerous Mac 500 & 600 PCBs in various conditions, many missing their part number sticker. So how do you tell which is which? Is there a noticeable difference? Thank you.
  13. Oliver Guy

    Design Martin Mac 301 not booting?

    Hi there,We just recently purchased 6 Martin Mac 301 fixtures from 4Wall ( They were all working great, but one of them was taking about 45 seconds longer to boot. After about 2 days of use, this one will not turn on at all. The fan on the underside of the fixture will not...
  14. H

    Martin Mac 2k Performance OPEN error

    Hello all,I have a Martin Mac 2k Performance that until the other day was working fine with no issues. Suddenly it began displaying an "OPEN" error which according to the general users manual means the Lamp access panel is not fully secured. I have checked the panel many times and replaced the...
  15. thematthewman

    Martin M6 MIDI trigger

    Im starting to work with the Martin M6 console and I would like to trigger some video from the console. Is there a way to be able to send a specific MIDI note out of the console?Thanks
  16. Nolan

    Automated Fixtures Mac 2K Performance 2 Repair

    Hi guys, So i have a week until opening night and i have a MAC 2K Performance II fixture throwing an error code that i just cant figure out. Its the effects wheel error(EFER) and whenever the light turns on the effects wheel doesn't calibrate to the correct home position so beam FX are all...
  17. K

    Mac 700 profile - E ballast?

    hey guysjust wondering if anyone has any details on some e ballasts for the mac 700 profiles? We use to have more parts for our 700 inventory but as they are getting phased out in our shop its hard and hard to make them work? Does anyone have some parts only 700's out there? or rather, any...
  18. Joel Engelhardt

    Using Martin M-PC with ANY USB-DMX interface - Cheap!

    Hey guys! So as you know, DMX control has gotten extremely inexpensive, especially using cheap (yet in my opinion generally reliable) USB-to-DMX interfaces sold online. An example of such interfaces is this one, which you could buy right now for $16.81. While these solutions are certainly not...
  19. bmcewing

    Automated Fixtures Mac Quantum wash vs Robe 1000LED beam

    My venue (2200 seat concert hall) will be purchasing 18 moving head LED wash lights to replace our 2kw strand alto fresnels. We've demo'd a selection of fixtures recently and have narrowed it down to either the mac quantum wash or the Robe 1000 ledbeam.Both fixtures impressed although they...