1. WFair

    Painting new masonite (hardboard) overlay

    The time has come to resurface my entire stage. It will be 1/4" oil-tempered hardboard (commonly referred to as Masonite, even though they no longer make it) screwed down to 2 old layers of 3/4 plywood. I plan to paint both the front and back with Rosco Tough Prime before installing it to help...

    Stage Surface Questions

    Hi All,Looking for your help to gather some information quickly. If you could kindly help me by briefly answering the questions below regarding your venue's stage surface, I will be forever grateful!...(More information about why I am looking for this below the questions)- Venue name and...
  3. R

    Black stage flooring?

    Hey guys, I've read multiple threads on here but still have a couple questions.Our church stage is covered with tan carpet (plywood subfloor on top of metal frame). I really would like to black out the stage with the first step being to have a black floor.I am leaning towards masonite...