media servers

  1. ShowNet

    JOBS: Show Control Programmers and Media Server Programmers at MSG Sphere, Las Vegas

    MSG Sphere in Las Vegas, a bleeding-edge 17,500 seat spherical venue opening in Fall of 2023, is currently hiring for Show Control Programmers and Immersive Video Engineers (aka, media server techs/programmers).Show Control Programmer Full-time in Las Vegas, salary range of $96,000 - $135,000...
  2. ShowNet

    JOBS: MSG Sphere in Las Vegas is hiring. Especially looking for an expert in media servers.

    My brand new, bleeding-edge 17,500 seat venue, the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas, has posted its first technical management roles as we spin up our hiring for a Fall 2023 opening.The MSG Sphere will be an amazing venue, with a 4-acre 16K x 16K immersive video surface, and over 2,000 speakers...