mic cable

  1. klaasvt

    Control/Dimming DMX cable shielding?

    Hi DMX sages! I'm working on a new DMX installation (moving over from Analogue). I have an 80m cable run to make from my desk location to the dimmer packs, and I've heard that it might be best to use unsheilded cable for longer dmx runs... Is that the case? It seems that most cables, even when...
  2. K

    Recommendations for coloring lavalier mics in hair

    Hi, I am currently doing a production of Heathers, and all mics are to go through the hair and come out the forehead. The problem is, all mic wires are skin colored, and they tend to show through most actors' brunette hair because the wire is so light. Last time I ran a show, I put tape on these...
  3. nussbaumjm87

    Installs Snake Issues

    I'm having problems with my copper snake. Channel 1 (send) only functions well with a condenser mic and phantom power. A dynamic mic comes in very degraded and at low volume. My cable tester shows good continuity on all 3 conductors, but of course that doesn't guarantee signal quality. It's a...