1. dmx

    Assisted Listening Microphone

    Good Evening!A local venue has been using a hanging choir mic to feed their assisted listening system. The mic is now dead and they are researching a replacement. Trying to keep costs under $300. Would you recommend another hanging mic or go with a shotgun? Any help is greatly...
  2. 'thaniel

    Shure - Microphone Selection and Placement for Podcasting and Mobile Recording

    Are you interested in starting a podcast now that you are home? Or have you been podcasting for a while and are looking to up your audio game? Are you confused about how to choose the right mic for this new form of audio content? This webinar talks about microphone selection and placement and...
  3. dvsDave

    DPA Microphones - Product overview 4097 Choir Mic

    When and how to use the DPA 4097 CORE Supercardioid Choir Mic. A product introduction by product expert Paul Andrews.
  4. C

    Microphones Hearing Elementary Students

    Hey Y'all!First post, long time reader!I teach Elementary Drama, and we are preparing for our school musical. This is our 4th production, and every year we have trouble hearing students at one point or another. We have 8 wireless microphones that we will absolutely be using for the show...
  5. M

    Microphones Microphone connected but no sound

    Hi,I've just borrowed a VHF microphone, and the receiver takes two microphones (channels A and B), both antennas are slightly damaged, channel A more so.The channel B microphone works perfectly, when the channel A mic is switched on the light on the receivers comes on to indicate the mic is...
  6. JD

    Good Microphone Stands ??

    This is such a simple topic, but it's driving me nuts! We use a bunch of light weight collapsible mic stands with the ensemble I am working with. I've had it with them all and am about to chuck them all in the dumpster! Now, I have no desire to go back to the old "Atlas" stands, where you had a...
  7. soundtech193746

    Installs Best rack for 6 wireless microphones?

    In the upcoming month, we are purchasing 6 additional microphones (AudioTechnica 3000s). What is the best rack i can get for these that has locking functionality? It needs to be big enough to hold the 6 wireless receivers and a rack drawer for storing the transmitters and other miscellaneous...
  8. consoletape

    Microphones Q: Wig Mics vs Cheek Mics

    Looking for any professional input/experience regarding using wig microphones or forehead microphones as opposed to using cheek microphones that go over the ear and rest on the cheek. Any preferences or advantages/disadvantages to either one? Any input or links to anything helpful is welcome...
  9. Techie93

    Mic Tape for sweaty actors

    I am currently working on a production. I have a few actors that are heavy sweaters. And the typical 3M Transpore tape doesn't stick well. Any suggestions on alternatives???
  10. Techie93

    Hiding Mic Packs

    I am currently Sound designing a production for The Full Monty. If you don't know about the show. It's basicly about guys looking for work and becoming male strippers. There are a few moments in the show. Especially at the end when 5 of the male leads strip down to dance belts while singing. My...
  11. A

    Boundary Microphones and footsteps?

    Hi,I am planning to buy 3 [PCC160 crown Mics ( AKG )] for live theatre recording. The main purpose is to have a good alternative to lavalier or headset Mics.I had many good reviews about this PCC160 but I would like to make sure that this mic doesn't make the footsteps "louder" than the...