1. Joe Allen

    Wireless Threaded microphones

    Hi all. I recently bought a new set of wireless headsets for our theatre, and they had the tag 'threaded' on them. Unfortunately they arrived and only had the threads, but nothing to screw onto. We are using Sennheiser G3 transmitters, which have the same female threaded end. Is there any way to...
  2. mcubed4130

    Rental Recommendations US West Coast or US, for wireless sound

    Hello everyone,Based on various threads like this one - https://www.controlbooth.com/threads/sennheiser-audio-technica-shure.35676/#post-310456And many others, it seems like it may be better to rent my various wireless microphones (likely Shure QLX-D or Sennheiser 300 or 500s) when I need...
  3. Stevens R. Miller

    AC Distribution in an Equipment Box

    My community theater company apparently had a custom equipment box made for their eight Shure wireless microphone receivers and their Behringer mixer. The box weighs a ton and the wiring involves a pair of one-to-three AC adapters plugged into an AC power strip. I'm thinking there's a better way...
  4. W

    Wireless Microphone Suggestions

    Hey everyone,I'm looking into purchasing new microphones for an installation in the future. I have decided that I would like to go with either Shure or Lectrosonics, two brands that I trust for reliability (such as Shure's UHF-R, the new Axient series or anything by Lectro). I refuse to use...
  5. Rosie

    Microphones Shotgun Mics

    I'm interested in purchasing two shotgun mics to place on either side of our proscenium arch to aid in picking up the ensemble in high school productions hosted at my facility. Any specific suggestions? Thanks in advance!