1. Krawford

    Control/Dimming The joys of retrofitting (or a tale of Microplex conversion)

    I recently got a Leviton I/F 501 interface unit in order to upgrade the controller in a small theatre i work in. I'm having an issue with slight intermittent level flutters and the fellow on the leviton tech support line and I have exhausted his troubleshooting diagram. Anyone on here ever have...
  2. O

    NSI N0501-2 Microplex to DMX

    Hey Everyone,I recently acquired an NSI N0501-2 or Leviton I/F 501-2 (i believe they are one in the same) to be able to utilize some old dimmers we have to be able to be controlled by our DMX software. We are currently running a variety of DMX controllers (what ever production is in the...