1. F

    Countryman B3's for sale, new.

    We have upgraded our sound system with SHURE wireless mics now, and so I have (8) of these Countryman B3's up for sale that have Sennheiser connections. They are new and have not been used. I am asking $100 per mic. or $600 for all 8 of them.
  2. GMeinhardt

    Mt.Lassen Theatre Remodel

    Hello from far Northern California!So glad to have found this forum. I'm a Theatre Director and Musician (retired HS Science teacher) responsible for an entire theatre remodel with only nominal experience in tech. Excited about the remodel but sometimes baffled at the challenges of merging...
  3. Julian Amrine

    Microphones How much rehearsal time do you get as an SE for a musical?

    Hi all,TL;DR: When Line-by-line mixing, what is your personal threshold/ratio for rehearsal time to the amount of mic cues you miss?Eviscerate me for being complain-y if you will, but I'm feeling pretty down about this. I'm the house tech, currently the SE for a 2 week run of a community...
  4. C

    Microphones Sennheiser MZ 2-2 Supplier?

    Hi all,I'm working with a decent inventory (~30+) of Sennheiser MKE-2's this summer, however the company has lost most all of the original caps for the elements. I'd like to have caps as it is an outdoor production and I want all the "sweat-out" protection and wind suppression I can get before...
  5. Dsmagnussen

    Favorite Mic Stands

    Hey All! I'm looking for your favorite mic stands, and why? Who makes them, how much, where to get them, tripods/solid?. I need to buy a few more, and I have had Onstage, and a couple of other makers, but I wanted to get your input on what you like.Thank you all!!Doug
  6. G

    Band Setup Organization?

    Hey all,I wanted to get your thoughts on the most efficient way of setting up for a band in terms of keeping cables and inputs organized. Currently, the way I like to do it is label each cable a number on each end. This isn't necessarily the input channel (but if it is, great). But, this...
  7. Rosie

    Microphones Shotgun Mics

    I'm interested in purchasing two shotgun mics to place on either side of our proscenium arch to aid in picking up the ensemble in high school productions hosted at my facility. Any specific suggestions? Thanks in advance!