1. L

    Mixers/Consoles I want to practice mixing with my Behringer X32. How do I do this?

    Recently we bought a Behringer X32 Console which, in the future, will be used to mix live sound. I wanted to get some practice in and test some things out but I don't know how. What I want is to get some tracks in the mixer (from a PC?).I tried connecting a PC over USB with the interface on...
  2. Jim SIP

    Mixers/Consoles BNC Sync IN ADA8000?

    Hello,I read a post from 2008 on BNC vs ADAT signals and I wanted to hear how it all worked out.My setup is going to be similar with 20 ft of lighttube from a ADA8000 to a Yamaha AW2816 DAR.I don't want to depend on a 48Kh signal on a 20 ft ADAT connection.The problem I see is a RG59...
  3. T

    Recommendation for Small Mixer with Faders

    Hi all, I'm looking for a small analog mixer that has faders as opposed to knobs. Minimum of 3 tracks, maximum of 6.Cheers, Ty
  4. Stevens R. Miller

    Digital Mixer w/o Digital Sources. Advantages?

    I recently did a show where our stack of eight wireless mike receivers sat in the wings and fed their analog outputs to some kind of analog-to-digital converter. The converted output came up a data line from the stage to the control booth where it was decomposed back into eight separate signals...
  5. dbaxter

    FS: Presonus 16.4.2

    Just upgraded to an X32 and our Presonus 16.4.2 is available for pickup in Rochester, NY $600. Sorry, I'd rather not do shipping at that price. Picture here. Contact Blackfriars Theatre 585-454-1260
  6. D

    Yamaha O2R

    We have this new console. I have a student designer learning it for our upcoming musical. She says there are only 99 scene memories. Can this be true? Our first act has over 70 cues. Thank you.
  7. Stevens R. Miller

    Mixer outputs wired together?

    I'm helping with the tech on another musical being performed in a county middle school. While trying to figure out how their systems are connected, I made a startling discovery: the two output from the school's Peavey FX mixer appear to be wired together. What I mean is that there is a female...
  8. M

    FS: Allen & Heath GL4800

    40x8 w/ 10 auxes Includes PSU and PSU cable Comes in a road case on castors We are in Abbotsford, BC, CanadaModerately worn condition, though all channels, pots, faders, etc. are in working order. The unit was part of rentals stock a few years ago and has since been retired.Asking for...