1. dvsDave

    DPA Microphones - Facebook Live with audio professional Eddie Caipo

    For this session we’ll jump into a world of mixing FOH for the likes of Enrique Iglesias, Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera, Smash Mouth, Tears for Fears, the Kings of Chaos and many more! As a Studio Engineer, Producer, FOH and Monitor Engineer, Eddie “El Brujo” Caipo has worked with some of...
  2. Julian Amrine

    Microphones How much rehearsal time do you get as an SE for a musical?

    Hi all,TL;DR: When Line-by-line mixing, what is your personal threshold/ratio for rehearsal time to the amount of mic cues you miss?Eviscerate me for being complain-y if you will, but I'm feeling pretty down about this. I'm the house tech, currently the SE for a 2 week run of a community...
  3. L

    Mixers/Consoles I want to practice mixing with my Behringer X32. How do I do this?

    Recently we bought a Behringer X32 Console which, in the future, will be used to mix live sound. I wanted to get some practice in and test some things out but I don't know how. What I want is to get some tracks in the mixer (from a PC?).I tried connecting a PC over USB with the interface on...
  4. Techie93

    "Tinny" sound EQ issue

    I'm currently mixing a musical. Someone had a "tinny" sound coming from there mic. Having a hard time fixing it. Any suggestions in the eq in the board? Any help is awesome!!
  5. Stevens R. Miller

    Routing Sound for a Musical

    I have my community theater company's Behringer Xenyx 2442FX mixer on loan from them in my home. This is a real treat because I've never had extended time with a mixer before. Finally, I'm getting a chance to learn something more about them than just their simplest many-in-two-out "funnel" mode...
  6. nagates

    Design Color mixing suggestions.

    So, I am working on a production of Shrek, and as usual there is a limited number of fixtures at my disposal. In order to give the show some of the necessary colors it needs, like red, blue, green (that is a big one), purple, I am trying to rely on color mixing of complementary colors to make...