1. N

    Control/Dimming Ion monitor arrangement

    Hey all,We’re upgrading g the counter in our booth, and thus have been forced to remove everything. This gives us a new opportunity when reinstalling to shake things up and try something new.So, my question for everyone here is “What’s your favourite 2-screen arrangement for your lighting...
  2. A

    Microphones Miking Stage for PA

    Hey folks,I'm needing to mic a 65' wide stage, with a depth of 35', with the purpose of feeding the resulting audio into Clearcom's program input and the control booth, dressing rooms, and green room in the venue. My current plan is to mount two PZMs on each side of the proscenium, as I have...
  3. D Martin

    Rain behind window

    Hi, so I've been asked to create a rain effect behind a window. I've seen it done with a monitor behind the window, so I was planning on that. I've been looking around for a stock video to play, but I can't find anything convincing. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to find better...
  4. D

    Conductor Monitor and Latency with Digital

    I'll start by acknowledging that there are a lot of scattered threads on this topic. I've been doing a lot of searching here an other places on this topic, and a lot of what I find is several years old or doesn't have much specific info. Most of it points to CRT TV's and analog cameras. While...