1. StephIsabel

    Motor Maintenance Mayhem!

    I am trying to gather documentation on the motors which power the acoustic shell in our mainstage. I did a search and the motor has not only been discontinued by the manufacturer, but has no drawings or maintenance documentation. (I can find a spec sheet which gives me the exact information on...
  2. hutc6407

    Conveyor Belt in raised deck

    Hi everyone,Working on a production of Footloose and we want to have a conveyor belt system spanning 40' across our stage to move actors and small set pieces onstage/offstage, and across the stage. I have never built/worked a conveyor belt into a stage deck before, any help would be great! We...
  3. bim

    Automated Fixtures Repairing old MAC 500

    Hi allI'm having some issues with 4 old mac 500. I solved almost all the problems but there are still a few thiungs that keep coming back.1rst: There are some motor drivers that keep blowing up. I keep replacing them for new ones but always blow sooner or later. I was suggested that it was...