moving head problems

  1. K

    Remagnetizing Hall Sensor Magnets

    Hey everyone! I'm running into an epidemic of sorts. Seems like my magnets are dying left and right. I don't know why, and I'm working with Robe on trying to figure that out, but in the meantime, I want to come up with a solution for remagnetizing the dead magnets. I've so far tried doing so...
  2. klaasvt

    HELP Chaucer Qwash malfunction?

    We've got a small show this pm using a few older Qwash 560z fixtures running off a zero88 Jester..One of the fixtures always turns off the LEDs when it moves, then they come on again when it is still. Is that a setting? What's going on here?I've tried resetting the fixtures, rebuilding...
  3. D

    Automated Fixtures VL1100AS DMX Response

    Hello everyone! I’ve been having a bit of a weird issue with a Vl1100AS fixture where it will occasionally randomly freeze in its current state and not respond to any dmx commands (including fixture reset and such) and then usually 5-10 min later or so just start working again on its own...
  4. kh-nv

    Automated Fixtures HELP! Irradiant SRM-6072 Moving Wash Head

    Hello, so we have a weird issue. We recently acquired some Irradiant moving head wash units. The weird thing is EVERY time they get a move command (pan/tilt/turn) they play a confirmation sound "music". How do we make it stop confirming? I don't see any settings or mention of this in the manual...
  5. JohnManderbach

    Automated Fixtures VL1100 maintenance issues

    Hey all, I have a bunch of VL1100's about 6 years old and they have repeated problems with the edge mechanism. The lens assembly seems to get sticky and the motor can't move it all the way in one direction. I thought maybe some simple graphite lube might help but the mechanisms seem to come...
  6. Robert Rivera

    Automated Fixtures Moving Head Tilt Error

    Hello, I have two Elation Platinum Spot 5r moving heads, both with tilt errors. The sensor or pcb board is not broken I have checked before. idk what to do ! The tilt moves when the fixture is doing a reset but doesn't work after that. Is it a software glitch. Or is their a way I can reset the...