moving heads

  1. HiredSound

    Came here looking for "Moving heads" advice...

    I found this while googling: have a small sound company and do primarily club bands. Maybe 25 to 30 shows a year. Club bands don't pay much, they simply can't. But I do occasionally get better paying...
  2. T

    Automated Fixtures Quiet Moving Head LED fixtures

    I work in a 110 seat black box which produces intimate theater in thrust or arena staging. Since the "grid" is about 14' off the deck, the noise from dimmers that are currently in the air is sometimes distracting. So we are looking to upgrade to LED fixtures so we are not using these dimmers. I...
  3. Robert Rivera

    Automated Fixtures Moving Head Tilt Error

    Hello, I have two Elation Platinum Spot 5r moving heads, both with tilt errors. The sensor or pcb board is not broken I have checked before. idk what to do ! The tilt moves when the fixture is doing a reset but doesn't work after that. Is it a software glitch. Or is their a way I can reset the...
  4. Robert Rivera

    Automated Fixtures Difference Rogue 1 Beam VS Rogue 2 Beam?

    What is the difference between these two products? What is their best feature of each of them? what else should I know about these?
  5. Robert Rivera

    Good Moving Heads for Front Light

    Our school gets a grant every year, and we can order equipment especially lighting. We want to get moving heads that are great for FOH applications. I have taken into consideration the Vari Lite moving heads. And, their 4 blade system sound like it comes in handy. Are their any other lights out...