moving lights for sale

  1. Kelite

    For Sale- assorted moving lights

    Hi gang, yep we have a few moving lights which were used for steel, aluminum and glass gobo testing here at Apollo. Most have minimal hours on them and spare lamps are available. Coef MP700 $450 Coef P1200 DVP Scanner (10 hours on unit) $450 DTS XR3000 Spot CMY $1,999 ETC Revolution (details...
  2. L

    FS: High End Systems StudioPix

    Hi All, I am selling my pair of HES StudioPix fixtures that are in great condition! These were manufactured in 2012 - Fixture 1 has no currently known issues and includes a road case (Pictured). Fixture 2 has a dead pixel - HES said that it might be a bad LED on the circuit board, or it may be...