1. Mike52

    Automated Fixtures LED Movers - Purchase Advice

    Hey all, sorry for yet another post on movers. We are picking up 11-13 new profiles and I am looking for experiences/advice with any of the following.Martin - ERA 600 Profile Martin - MAC Quantum - We have used and they are solid fixtures, but no CTO or shutters make them less desirable...
  2. ademhayyu1

    Advice for Purchasing Moving Lights

    (Apologies, moderators, if this is the wrong section to ask this question.)Hello,I am the Senior Lighting Director for my high school and I am in charge of designing the technical and artistic aspects of the school's fall play and spring musical. As well as other productions and events.I...
  3. K

    Bob: A life in 5 acts

    So I'm a High School student director and the show I'm working on right now requires a car that can drive onstage. Also, the trunk of another car, plausibly big enough for a person to fit in. I have no idea how to accomplish this effectively, and I would really hate to end up putting a cardboard...
  4. djripcord

    Loudspeakers How To Prevent Subs from "Walking"

    Hello!So I have a problem that irks me everytime I'm out DJ'ing with my EV EKX-18SP's. They are constantly moving away from each other. Rarely am I ever in a venue where I can place my subs on carpet. So i'm usually placed on a linoleum or otherwise slippery floor. I have tried taping or...
  5. Julian Amrine

    Hidden escape stairs... ideas?

    Our design calls for escape stairs that fold out of the side of a 4x4x4' wagon during one scene (they are escape stairs and are never seen by the audience) and also fold in to the interior during other scenes so it can butt up flush to other scenery. Any ideas on how to do this smoothly? Just...