1. A

    ETC Obsession,MSC and Qlab

    Hello all- I have been doing video through QLab for the last few years and generally use my Ion or Element to fire the cues using MSC. I am about to do a show with an Obsession 2 and am wondering if it is still possible to use MSC to control my QLab? If so- are there specific settings I...
  2. Dshoklighting

    MSC: Ion controlling Qlab 3

    Hello interwebs! Working with a projection designer right now and having issues with our MSC setup. I did this a few months ago and stupidly decided not to write anything down. Running on the latest software in both Ion and Qlab 3, but cant seem to get the Midi to connect.I've run through...
  3. Matt_Tech_12

    ION and MSC from Qlab 3 HELP QUICK

    Hello I am in currently a bit of a tight spot.I am trying to trigger my light Q's in an ETC ION via MSC messages in Qlab 3. I have done everything just about every manual says to do in terms of device ID, Shocwontrol setup in the console, and making sure that the MSC cue in Qlab is set to...