1. C

    Control/Dimming Understanding NEC / Panelboard Breaker Capacities & Quantities for a Sound Stage

    I’m hoping to learn if there are any rules-of-thumb regarding a permanently-installed breaker panel and the quantity and capacity of the breakers located within it. The space in question is a soundstage for single-camera film/video shoots (within a commercial office building), which under normal...
  2. TuckerD

    NEC & Adapters

    Hello all,Some questions about adapters as defined by section 520 of the NEC.One of our local venue's power distro has some pigtail boxes with the aforementioned 20-amp T-type receptacle. If I want to plug in a fixture with the common 5-15 type connector, I could plug it in directly if it...
  3. RickR

    Portable vs Installation

    I don't have the complete story - when do we ever...A friend reports a city inspector came into a venue while he was hanging some typical stage lights, with clamps and plugs. It seems the inspector thinks this work should be done under a construction permit/license and such as if this was...
  4. C

    Control/Dimming Requirement for fusing an onstage switch?

    I am attempting to explain to a licensed electrician why an onstage switch would need to be fused.In our example, there is a 100A 3-phase (4 wire + ground) feed to the stage, which is directly wired from a 100A 3-pole breaker in a separate panel. That panel is in another room.The box they...
  5. dvsDave

    NFPA Codes and Standards 2016-01-15

    NFPA makes important safety codes and standards available for free onlineAs part of its commitment to enhancing public safety, NFPA makes its codes and standards available online to the public for free. Online access to NFPA's consensus documents conveniently places important safety...