1. Timeradiant

    EOS Qlab osc networking issue

    Hello!I am programming a show on an EOS GIO in which I have multiple “timecoded” songs. The songs each start at a different time in the internal clock for example song 1 is at 01:00:00:00, and song 2 is at 02:00:00:00. In cuelab, I have the track, and then when the track is played Qlab auto...
  2. F

    Network switch problem

    Hey there,Currently, I have the following problem: On the stage of the venue I'm currently working in we have one GrandMA 8 Port Node and one Ethernet cable going to the FOH.For the next production we have 3 Lightning consoles in the FOH which need to have access to the node I mentioned...
  3. M

    Custom Switch set up for Dante Network

    Hi everyone, forgive me if this has been beaten to death on here.. New to the forum!A client I work with regularly is upgrading his LS9 rig to a CL5 and a couple RIO’s. Hallelujah! I’m trying to put together a network for this with a fairly quick turn around. (And a fairly tight budget)What...
  4. B

    EtherCON, Cat5, and Cat6 issues

    Hello everyone, I recently did an installation for a small venue where I ran Cat 5 cables and terminated it on either end with Neutrik eathercon panel mounts. In the center of the room, I took the two cable feeds and soldered them together with another jumper cable to make a central patch port...
  5. S

    LAN Problems with Crestron Unit

    So after spending nearly 2 hours on the phone with Crestron support (which is great btw), I discovered that our LAN connection in the booth was dead. That was ultimately the end of Crestron being able to help get our DMPS3 unit working again. Of course our Network guy was off, and my network...
  6. W

    Control/Dimming Advice for Network Node Replacements

    I'm looking to see if anyone can point me in the right direction to upgrade the lighting network in one of the high school theaters I manage. It uses almost exclusively conventional fixtures, so I'd like to install an ETC Element (or any Eos Family) board eventually to match the type of board...
  7. teqniqal

    Cross-post Notice regarding Lighting Networks

    Anyone interested in network based lighting controls might want to visit a thread posted in Multimedia, Projection, and Show Control. The thread is: do not respond o this thread here...
  8. Rose03

    An Onion of EDI Bijou Questions

    I noticed an ethernet port on the back of my EDI Bijou Plus, what is it for?
  9. Old School 512

    Control/Dimming Which ArtNet to DMX node do you use

    Hello All, I am working on a converted cathedral about 1200 seats. Control is MA2 on PC to a POE gigabyte switch. I need 2 DMX uni's on the truss and say 2 or 4 backstage. The nodes should have both input and pass through for the network. I plan on running Cat 5e or Cat 6 depending on price...
  10. TimoteusR

    Back after a long time and looking for testers

    I have worked as event tech for the last 10 years and I have been lurking on Control Booth especially in the beginning of my career. I have always liked the vibe here.Last year I worked a lot with networked audio and switches. To me it seemed that most of the tools were made for IT...
  11. Owen Sahnow

    I broke my Rosco Delta 3000, Help!

    I attempted to hook up my Rosco Delta 3000 to a network, which we discovered after the fact that was not supposed to happen. The thing won't work now and I really need to fix it. I checked the fuses and they are intact. I know this machine was discontinued, but if anyone out there has any info...
  12. W

    Network Script Scrolling Software

    I was wondering whether script scrolling software over networked computers was a thing?? I was thinking something along the lines of having a bunch of networked computers at various position (DSM, Sound, LX etc) and the DSM would scroll through the script which would automatically scroll on the...
  13. fluentpc

    Multiple Consoles on ETC Net2

    Hello everyone, Our theater just finished settings up multiple consoles. We have an ETC Ion and Hog 4 PC on a Net2 lighting network. Everything works great except for moving lights. This is because the network works that the highest value for each DMX address is the value that is outputted...
  14. S

    Controlling In a Large Stadium

    I am breaking into controlling much larger rigs. Also looking to expand into much larger venues. When you go into a large stadium and do semi-perm installs with lights rigged all around and lights on the ground, what is the preferred way to control all of the lights? I am somewhat familiar with...
  15. S

    Strand 300/500 Network Card

    Hello! Does anyone know of a network card which would work with a Strand 300/500 Lighting Console? I would like to install one in my personal console, but I cannot seem to find one.Thanks!