1. Pip

    Dante certification

    Hey all!! I wanted to accomplish a couple things with this post. Firstly, I’d like to pat myself on the back and brag about my completion of the Dante Certification Level 3 by Audinate. That was fun! Secondly, I’d like to offer that if anyone wants to discuss Dante networking, I’d be...
  2. TimoteusR

    Back after a long time and looking for testers

    I have worked as event tech for the last 10 years and I have been lurking on Control Booth especially in the beginning of my career. I have always liked the vibe here. Last year I worked a lot with networked audio and switches. To me it seemed that most of the tools were made for IT...
  3. CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional Lighting Insights: Networking Tools

    Lighting fixtures today are connected like never before. In this video, Mike Graham provides a detailed guide on selecting and using networking tools for ArtNet, sCACN and other protocols.
  4. fluentpc

    Multiple Consoles on ETC Net2

    Hello everyone, Our theater just finished settings up multiple consoles. We have an ETC Ion and Hog 4 PC on a Net2 lighting network. Everything works great except for moving lights. This is because the network works that the highest value for each DMX address is the value that is outputted...
  5. S

    Controlling In a Large Stadium

    I am breaking into controlling much larger rigs. Also looking to expand into much larger venues. When you go into a large stadium and do semi-perm installs with lights rigged all around and lights on the ground, what is the preferred way to control all of the lights? I am somewhat familiar with...
  6. NateJanota

    Learning Networking

    So I confess- I learned just enough Computer Engineering in college to be dangerous. Count the two years since I was a student and I really am barely even that anymore. This means my understanding of networking is shameful, at best, and a hindrance to my workplace (theme parks prefer networked...