opto splitter

  1. Fountain Of Euph

    Lighting: Network vs DMX Over Copper

    Hi all,I've been "off com" for a while, so let me know if there is another thread for this already.One of the spaces I help out in is starting to look at some lighting replacements. First priority is the wash lights over the thrust/apron-they are recessed par 36's (IE House lights) with...
  2. Jayme McColgan

    Control/Dimming What's your favorite DMX opto Splitter?

    Hey, guys! I'm looking to upgrade my dmx distribution setup. currently, we are using some Elation opto splitters and it's not keeping up. what are some of your favorite ways to distribute DMX?We are a Church so it doesn't need to be mobile. it will live in a rack for the rest of its life...