1. dvsDave

    Beautiful Gear Storage

    I ran across this thread on Reddit last night: is an inside look at the production company, Threefold, and how they organize their Gear and Camera Hall.The shelves are pallet racking shelves...
  2. WFair

    Hand Props General Categories

    This summer I will be embarking on a complete overhaul of my props storage. I intend to pull it all out, categorize it, photograph it, bin it (in clear plastic), and put most of it back in an organized manner. If you have a well-organized prop inventory, would you mind sharing the general...
  3. djripcord

    How do you mark your extension cords?

    How do you go about marking your extensions as your own without chopping off the plug, sliding on a heat shrink label, and putting a new plug on?I found these cable identifiers which seem to do the job perfectly, but they only go up to 3/8". I have a few heavy extensions that are larger in...
  4. soundtech193746

    Booth Organization Ideas?

    I am working in a complety dis organized lighting and sound booth. Sound was somewhat organized but I'm not sure how to organize. Can you guys help??Here's the stuff in the cabinets CD/s (Obsolete for our sound system now) Tapes (Definitely obsolete) Safety Cable Chain Gaff Tape Duct Tape...
  5. B

    Organizing control booths

    I'm the new lighting tech at my school and the booth is a absolute mess. It needs to complete reorganized and I'm not sure where to start. Does anyone have any ideas
  6. C

    Inventory Solutions

    Hi Everyone!I work for a rotating Rep, usually 14-17 shows in 7 weeks with a huge stock of scenery. We have been using an excel spreadsheet for inventory, and we are looking to upgrade. Our wish-list is to be able to enlarge photos, see thumbnails of the accessories/QR code/Color options...