1. Ken Porter

    Sound f/x custom hardware for ergonomic programming of QLab?

    Greetings all. I’ve wandered through some conversations about controlling QLab with hotkeys, OSC, and so forth, but here’s what I’m not finding. My (new) dream is to set up a customizable piece of hardware, similar to a big X-Keys device, which would be an ergonomic leap toward making the...
  2. Alfonso

    Showcockpit ETC Nomad

    Hello, I'm currently trying to map a Behringer xtouch compact to ETC nomad using showcockpit. I was wondering if anyone had a setup like this they're currently using? I'm having a hard time with the osc part.
  3. dbaxter

    Mixers/Consoles X32 response to OSC commands

    My X32 is not responding to certain commands for setting fader levels. If I send /auxin/01/mix/fader ,f .2 the fader moves up .2 fine. If I send /auxin/01/mix/fader ,f .5, it goes halfway up. So far so good. However, sending ...,f .3 or ...,f .4, or anything greater than .2 and less than .5, the...
  4. G

    Ion XE and QLab OSC

    Hi CBI'm in a bit of a bind trying to set up QLab to control my Ion XE via OSC. I have previously controlled an ETC Express via QLab MIDI cues, but the Ion XE doesn't have MIDI ports. Currently, I'm waiting on a USB to MIDI adapter to see if I can run it that way, but in the meantime I have...
  5. Jonathan Pitzer

    Control/Dimming Wondering if I can use OSC to control lighting channels with X32

    I believe that I have seen Qlab tutorials that allow Qlab to both take and give OSC commands from both an X32 and an Ion. I was wondering if it is possible to set the X32 up as additional faders to control lighting channels like you would with an external fader wing. Or if it is possible to...
  6. plotdependent

    Control/Dimming Moving Light vs. Ion communication issues

    We have an ETC Ion lightboard and several Robe Robin DL4S moving lights that have been forgetting attributes recorded into cues and attribute wheels not matching up with their live function (ex: the Tilt attribute wheel will instead move Shutter C in and out). The industry technician we have...
  7. W

    Osc with Qlab 4 and ETC Element

    So I've been trying to get Qlab to control an Etc Elements ques and i have not been successful in trying to get it working.I was wondering if someone who has gotten it working could comment a step by step guide on how to do so any help would be appreciated.
  8. C

    ETC Nomad Offline Not Responding To OSC Commands

    I'm using the Sound2Light tool by the bored ETC technicians to send OSC commands to the ETC Nomad Offline software. The program had responded to the messages before, then I exitted the program, then came back 7 hours later and it wasn't reacting to OSC commands anymore. I'm using TCP v1.0 for...
  9. C

    ETC EOS Family OSC Methods With Spaces

    In the EOS family show control manual, there is a method that lets you press any key virtually. And there is an example that uses the "Select Active" key. The Open Sound Control specification doesn't allow for spaces in methods. How does someone use spaces in the OSC method for EOS control...