1. aacerr

    Permanent Outdoor Lighting for Sculpture

    Hi folks! This is my first post here but I have been using CB as a resource for my entire career. Thank you for all of the help in the past. But I have looked around and can’t seem to find much help on what I need today.The problem is this: A local sculpture artist wants me to help him...
  2. matcreyn

    Outdoor solutions for indoor fixtures

    A friend is lighting a show outdoors and wants to use a pair of Solaframe 1000s (only IP20 rated). It’s rainy season here. Does anyone have any safety solutions for protecting these sweet new movers from the elements for a few weeks? I don’t know if they’re going to be top mounted or underhung...
  3. J

    City Theatrical Multiverse Vero Transceiver Webinar Training

    Interested in continuing your wireless DMX education for film & video projects? City Theatrical's Multiverse webinar series continues with Webinar 9: Multiverse Vero on Thursday, January 14, 2021 at 11AM EDT.The 30-minute webinar will be presented by City Theatrical Sales Manager, Harrison...
  4. ApolloDesign

    Introducing the Apollo GoboPro+ LED Outdoor Profile

    Introducing the Apollo GoboPro+ LED Outdoor Profile - IP65; Suitable for Outdoor Use - UL Listed - Apollo is the Exclusive USwww.apollodesign.net/apollo-outdoor-led-profile-75w
  5. a.jenner

    Twister Tempest Domes Weep Hole Drill

    Hey guys,We are installing some Twister domes base up, and the manual says to use 'included tapered acrylic drill bits' to drill weep holes on the lowest point. Would anyone happen to know what the specs of these bits are? Of course we either misplaced ours or never got them. I am chatting...
  6. I

    Elation Fuze Par Z120 IP color issues

    Hey all,I know that these fixtures are quite new and I can't find any info on them yet so I thought I would post here and see if the CB hive mind could help.I have six Elation Fuze Par Pro z120s that are IP rated for outdoor use, as we are an outdoor theater. They are addressed to 50, 60...
  7. sheamorgan

    Outdoor Theater Scenic Advice! Help!

    I'm currently working on a production of Shakespeare's "As You Like It" in the courtyard of my high school for the summer theater camp I work at. The space is very uneven with many steep hills and trees. The good news is that it takes place in the woods. The bad news is that the clearing we have...