1. EMJ

    Control/Dimming Any old school Strand Palette OS experts out there?

    OK, long story short, I'm helping out a high school and trying to get their board communicating with some old VL1000 movers. The background is as follows:The building's about 14 years old and has a Strand Preset Palette 32/64 board (300 channels) running 2 racks of Strand C-21 dimmers. All...
  2. EMJ

    Need Help/advice regarding Strand N21 DMX nodes

    Hi,I'm hoping maybe someone can get me on the right track with getting some Strand N21 DMX nodes working at my kids high school.Here's the background: The school was built about 15 years ago and most everything is original to it's construction. It's got a Strand Preset Palette 32/64...
  3. DannyDepac

    Strand palette flashing >>factory<<

    Hello everyone I have a Palette preset ii 32/64It has just now started flashing >>factory<< in the bottom of the show screen and sometimes prevents us from recording or updating cues while it’s flashing.If we restart the board it goes away but can come back and that’s not feasible during run...
  4. J

    Help with Philips Strand Lighting

    Hello everyone,I am a high school band teacher that has been left with the charge of figuring out the lighting situation in our auditorium. A number of years back the building was remodeled and out A/V tech was trained to use the new lighting board. He retired a number of years ago and things...
  5. DannyDepac

    Control/Dimming Updating Windows on Strand Palette board / doesn't start up

    Hello Guys,I am a high school teacher who also does the stage crew/ tech aspects of our plays/musicals at school so forgive any of my noobieness.So we have a 32/64 palette strand board that I am starting to get pretty used to using. Its about 8-9 years old and for the past few years we...
  6. Roddy Armory Theatre

    Preventing Cues from Tracking into New Cues

    In PaletteOS V10.8.6 I cannot figure out how to prevent a previous cue from tracking into a new cue, even in cue only mode. Any ideas?