1. J

    Help with Philips Strand Lighting

    Hello everyone, I am a high school band teacher that has been left with the charge of figuring out the lighting situation in our auditorium. A number of years back the building was remodeled and out A/V tech was trained to use the new lighting board. He retired a number of years ago and things...
  2. DannyDepac

    Control/Dimming Updating Windows on Strand Palette board / doesn't start up

    Hello Guys, I am a high school teacher who also does the stage crew/ tech aspects of our plays/musicals at school so forgive any of my noobieness. So we have a 32/64 palette strand board that I am starting to get pretty used to using. Its about 8-9 years old and for the past few years we...
  3. Roddy Armory Theatre

    Preventing Cues from Tracking into New Cues

    In PaletteOS V10.8.6 I cannot figure out how to prevent a previous cue from tracking into a new cue, even in cue only mode. Any ideas?