1. R

    Lighting Pallets and Making Programing Quicker

    Hello all,I am a freelance lighting designer and I work on several different consoles depending on availability at the venue, mostly the ETC Ion. I currently own an ETC Expression 3 (I know...I need to catch up with the time. Not very helpful when it comes to movers and leds) paired with...
  2. P

    Help! Strand lighting

    Hello guys and galsI am working at a summer camp which has a philips strand lighting pallete preset 32/64 Playback. Very VERY different from the ETC Ion I am used to. After I turned on the board only 3 lights and the computer monitor came on. It seemed that non of the board buttons except...
  3. SouthTownProd

    I'm needing a little help with lighting configurations

    I recently decided to get the ADJ Wifly RGBW8C Wireless Controller and i was going to use my chauvet lights (slimpar 56's and colorpallete) with the board as a backup in case my laptop doesn't work. I hooked everything up like i did with my other board (ex. light to wifly adapter), but i noticed...