par can

  1. Jeffry Garcia

    Automated Fixtures Looking to upgrade some lights?

    Hey Everyone!I have a big storage full of lights that have never been used that I need to get rid of...Almost any kind of light you can imagine. -Moving heads (Wash, Spot, Beam) -Par Cans -Controllers -Etc.Don't know if this is the right place to post but let me know if you're interested!
  2. B

    FS: Used Altman Fresnels and Altman PAR Cans

    My employer (a high school) has upgraded most of our lighting and as a result we have some fresnels and par cans that we no longer have a use for. We currently have the following fixtures available for sale:Approximately 16 Altman PAR 64 Cans, 1000 WattsAll of these fixtures are in “good”...
  3. Joshua Hoffman

    ETC ION generic fixtures

    Hello ION users, I have a generic led fixture where the first channel is the intensity and the following channels are Red Blue Green, and I couldn't find a fixture profile with that channel layout. Does anyone know of a profile on the ION that has this channel layout?