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  1. A

    Death rattle of the PAR64, continued.

    Hey friends, I am sure you have heard of the death of the PAR64 lamp by now. I've told my development department to find me several hundred thousand dollars to replace all my PAR64s with LED fixtures but that's gonna take a while. Another company has popped up selling replacement lamps made in...
  2. Mac Hosehead

    Will 1K PAR64 lamps get hard to find?

    My manager received a notice recently. Although the notice doesn't say, he thinks that this is a prelude to discontinuing them altogether. He says other manufacturers have already announced that they will no longer make them. No more wall of PARs?
  3. Reggie

    Daylight temp. lamp for a PAR64 fixture

    Thread title basically say it. Anyone making a PAR64 5500K globe? Yes, could use 1/2 or full CTB or a dichroic filter, but that comes with a loss of lumens. Is there an LED PAR can made that has high CRI?