1. Hugtrain

    Control/Dimming Convert standard house dimmer to ETC Paradigm or equivalent?

    Hello there.I am wondering if it is possible to convert switches to a system like paradigm or an equivalent house light system.Whoever built this theater definitely did not consult anybody related to theater at all. No tech booth, tiny wing space, no way to cross to the other wing, and also...
  2. T

    Can a 3rd Party DMX Stage Light Controller connect to my ETC system?

    I volunteer as my kids school and we will be having a dance coming up next month. The DJ took a look at our setup and wanted to know if he can use his own light controller (which has some chase/strobe functions or something) for the show. He told me it is a "universal DMX controller". I know...
  3. Aiden Schramm

    Control/Dimming ETC Unison RemoteDirect

    At my school we have a Unison Heritage Fader and Button station both of which feature infrared receivers. I've searched online for information on the remote for the stations, and I'm reasonably confident that our Paradigm system was installed after the newer remotes were introduced. Getting a...
  4. Stevens R. Miller

    How to Set an ETC Unison/Paradigm

    Hey all, I've got yet another school system to cope with. This one has an ETC Element controlling its stage lights, and also a Unison (or is it Paradigm?) system to control its house lights. The latter are set with a small touch-screen, that looks like the picture below.The "House @ 50%" and...
  5. Stevens R. Miller

    Merely sending data illuminates three dimmers. Why?

    I was in my local middle school today, to help them learn to use their new Scene Setter lighting console to replace their crumbling Innovator. When I connected the Scene Setter and turned it on, it woke up in "black out," as it is supposed to. However, I noticed that two instruments and some of...
  6. L

    ETC Arch Button Station Indicator Light

    Recently had a new install of Paradigm Architectural controls in a space, with a few button stations. I am trying to figure out how to change the individual colors of the indicator buttons on the panel itself. I have tried holding down the MODE button after lifting the faceplate following the...