1. Chris James

    Hello/Chauvet Haze blwr?

    Brief intro; I'm a budget minded musician in a few bands that also runs sound for other bands and getting into DMX lighting.With that said, I have a pair of old Chauvet Ultimate HZ hazers a fellow musician gave me (because someone put the wrong juice in a water based hazer!). They had been...
  2. S

    Where to get lens parts for my light project?

    I'm currently working on a project where I'm making a diy spotlight. I have all the necessary elements i need except the lens. I'm having a hard time finding lenses that have the right diameter and focal length on the web. Does anybody know a website or a place where i could find specific lens...
  3. JD

    Wireless Sennheiser SKM300-845 G3 A band

    If you are Sennheiser heavy, this might be of interest. This one pooped out on me. About 95% of the time, it fails to boot, just comes up with a partial display. Checked all the regular points, ribbon cables, etc. But no, digital board has flaked out. It's an A band with an MMD 845 head. When it...
  4. Adam D.

    Looking for VL 1100 Ballast

    I'm in need of VariLite 1100 Arc Ballasts. Preferably used because $$$... Let me know if you have any leads