1. S

    FS 50 Phillips Color Kinetics iColor Cove MX Powercore 12" (123-00004-0)

    I would like to sell 50 Phillips Color Kinetics iColor Cove MX Powercores. I am asking $1,500 for all units. These items are in "Like New" condition. If you are interested please message me. I am more than glad to send videos or photos.If needed, I could also sell a Phillips iPlayer 3 and Data...
  2. M

    Phillips color kinetic

    HELLO I have some Phillips hardware that was left over from a job and I would like to utilize some of it I have approx 5 pds-60ca non programmed power supplies, 6 string lights( iflex MX gen2). With that I only have 2 iflex access power leads so I can only for now get one power supply up...
  3. NeroCaesar

    Automated Fixtures LED Altman PHX 250w and Phillips 155 Par Zoom

    So I have finally made the jump to LEDs in my theatre and I purchased 23x Altman LED PHX (Phoenix) and 32x 155 Par Zooms. I havent even done a show with them and I am already starting to worry... some of the units have been acting a bit funny. I use an updated ETC Ion 1 and constant power for...