1. Hugtrain

    "Piping" the Cyc

    Our theater has a ~40' straight Cyclorama in the back and for our next production, I'd like to have it be flat. Problem is, everyone that knew how left a while ago, and I was wondering if you guys could help.We have a pipe in the shop, schedule 40 1 1/2" diameter and all the connectors for it...
  2. J

    RotaLock vs. Cheeseborough clamps

    I will need a quantity of pipe clamps for attaching battens to the grid. Many of these attachments won't be at a right angle, so Cheeseborough clamps would work better. There are a couple instances where I will need to control rotation of the pipe. Would a rotalock clamp be better than a rigid...
  3. C

    Pipe Grid Layout for space with very low ceiling

    I'm designing a pipe grid layout for a basement space below an existing theatre. The coffered concrete ceiling is between 7'-6" to 9'-0" clear to the floor. The grid will be installed professionally by a theatrical rigging company.There's no question that I am asking for a 1.5" ID Schedule 40...