1. tdtastic

    Troubleshooting SFX, by Stage Research

    Somehow SFX has screwed up and now I can no longer open my show file!!!! HELP!!! I can open older show files just fine, but when I try to open my current show file I get the error message attached. We love the program and don't usually have problems with SFX but this is the not the first or...
  2. M

    Control/Dimming ETC Express LPC

    Hello all,Working on a quote for a few tweaks at a museum. I'm more of an audio guy so I 'll probably end up subbing out the LX stuff, but I'm trying to figure what kind of tools we'll need before I quote the job.It's a pretty simple setup: all conventional fixtures, probably ~50 dimmer...
  3. Matt Davidson

    External solid state drive

    A smaller theatre I work with has a lovely iMac 5k that has the high end specs that had been refurbished so we got it on the cheap. The only flaw with it is it carries a regular 7200 RPM hard drive. I'm already aware of how difficult it is to open a new iMac ("moderate" actually) so I was...