1. Stofa

    Beam Draw and VWX'17!

    Hello,I tried before to update to Vectorworks 2017, but couldn't install some of my plug-ins, so I stayed in 2016, and waited for a few service packs.I'm now getting into 2017, and I noticed that Source 4 Savvy Section was able to install, but Beam Draw 4 wasn't.I was wondering if anyone...
  2. Brianna Perry

    Design Issues and Solutions HS Student needing help w/ my plot

    Hi, I have a competition coming up in a few weeks and I ran into an issue making my plot. Our strip lights use the Altman 5 5/8" roundels. I don't know how I would label those colors on my plot. Would it just be "BLU, RED, CLR, GRN..." or is there a proper way to specify? Please help! Thanks.
  3. TheTheaterGeek

    Design Issues and Solutions Making my plots look more professional and just better in general.

    I am always looking at professional plots and they all seem cleaner, with better symbols and such. They look a whole lot better than the default Vectorworks stuff. For examples, the plots in A practical Guide to Stage Lighting are wonderful.What should I be considering in my process of...