1. 'thaniel

    Shure - Microphone Selection and Placement for Podcasting and Mobile Recording

    Are you interested in starting a podcast now that you are home? Or have you been podcasting for a while and are looking to up your audio game? Are you confused about how to choose the right mic for this new form of audio content? This webinar talks about microphone selection and placement and...
  2. FxDrew

    The "Goto Show Channel" Podcast is coming online

    Hi Everyone!I'm Drew Atienza, a working professional in Media Servers and my co-host is Tom Huston, a lighting designer and 3D/previz specialist. We are excited to announce that we are starting a podcast called "Goto Show Channel" where we will discuss both emerging technologies and...
  3. J

    Vocal Booth for Recording

    New Vocal Booth is available. It is large enough for one person and a microphone stand. Great value for the price. Good for voice over, pod casting and other vocal recordings. Setup in less than 10 min.