1. LiWhit

    3-phase distro and 2-phase service

    Hello all,The venue I’m loading into soon has a 200amp 2-phase. My distro, as you’d assume, has 3 phases. Is it as simple as only using the phases I hook up? For example if I plug in phase “x” and “y”, I just can’t use the circuits devoted to phase “z”? No need for 208v by the way.Thanks.
  2. ademhayyu21

    Is 40amps enough?

    Hello friends!I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I've been contacted to provide a quote for AV equipment for a new outdoor stage being built. Fun!Here's the catch, the site is only providing 2x 20amps to tie the equipment into. The stage is approximately 28'x30', will live on a pretty...
  3. Paige Borak

    Power to LEDs and movers in dimmer-heavy space

    I’m working in a theatre that has a million dimmers in the grid, but of course we’re using 12 ETC D40s, 10 Lustrs and 2 MK2 movers. I’ve found 3 blocks of 4 wall outlets on the floor of the space, which’ll require at least a 50’ extension cable to put the power where I need it.Should I run 12...
  4. MRW Lights

    A "year" into pandemic production.... also Rain still happens...

    A little backstory, we're a little over halfway through this year's commencement ceremonies on our campus. Last year we returned full time to production for the rescheduled commencement ceremonies and now we're back 10 months later for round 2! A little wiser, a little bit healthier, but somehow...
  5. M

    VL-880 Issue

    Hello,I have a question about an issue I’m having with a VL-880. I have 7- 880’s total. A different one had this same issue last fall that I’m having with this one. The problem is when I plug power into it, it starts turning off and on and of and on like trying to start a car with an almost...
  6. P

    LED Tape with Blue and White dim

    Hello all,I have LED tape that is functioning and programable but the blue and white colors are significantly dimmer than the red or green or any color mixing options. I have tried switching decoders and switching the leads on the wiring but still the blue and white are dim. Any suggestions...
  7. H

    Multiple Electrical Sources

    Hi all, So I’ve recently embarked on a new challenge. Smallest “stage” I’ve seen, and absolutely no lighting equipment. The problem we are running into is power supply. I’ve scoured the internet’s and haven’t been able to find a direct answer for my question. If I am intending on running only...
  8. D

    Control/Dimming Sensor+ Dimmer Rack Dimmers Failing

    I am working with a Sensor+ Dimmer rack with R25D2 Dimmers. They keep on failing. Either not actually outputting power or not outputting consistently. The person that installed the rack entered the dimmer types in as R20D units. Could this be causing my problems?
  9. A

    Getting Electricity to non-electric battens.

    Every year for multiple events, my school uses light fixtures (typically 2 moving heads) on a batten, we routinely run extension cords off the batten to power them, however i thought of an idea. Currently we have dead hung electrics, which could supply power to the bar, obviously it isnt the...
  10. Dsmagnussen

    LEDs-leave on or turn off?

    Hey all, We are just getting our first set or LED wash fixtures in our plot. Martin Rush Par 2 Zoom. I have surge protection on each circuit, but no simple way to turn them off at the end of the night. we looked into the ETC relays, but can't swing the cash after the layout for the Martins...
  11. tdtastic

    Dimmer Doldrums

    Our dimming system has been doing funny stuff this summer; seeking advice for things to look for and maintenance techniques that we could or should be doing on the regular even despite our current issues.We have three SR48 racks with 2.4k dual D20's -- whole system installed about eighteen...
  12. TheTheaterGeek

    Control/Dimming Sensor+ Dimmers, Field Servicable?

    Is there any way to diagnose and fix problems with the sensor blades in the field or is that something i need to send them back to ETC for.
  13. K

    Control/Dimming Simple lighting question...help!? Limited resources...

    Hey! I'm in the process of planning our annual youth camp. We are stepping it up a notch this year and adding some real stage lighting instead of just the rear house lights turned on/off between the worship set and speaker. We currently have some large and small par cans that were donated. They...
  14. TuckerD

    NEC & Adapters

    Hello all,Some questions about adapters as defined by section 520 of the NEC.One of our local venue's power distro has some pigtail boxes with the aforementioned 20-amp T-type receptacle. If I want to plug in a fixture with the common 5-15 type connector, I could plug it in directly if it...
  15. Stevens R. Miller

    How Much Power?

    I suspect this is asked (and answered) a lot, but most of the online guidance I've found has been (understandably) a bit vague. I'm hoping, though, that maybe someone has had experience in nearly the same setting as the one in which I'm seeking guidance.After our last community theater musical...
  16. S

    Control/Dimming Followspot Dimming Issues

    Had an interesting problem come up today and I am hoping someone can explain it to me. I am an electrician at a community theatre and some of our followspots are Source 4s on a stick. These are powered with our sensor dimmers, but also have a household wall dimmer so the operators turn their own...
  17. G

    Using 12V car battery to power converter?

    Hi all,I have a Black Magic SDI to Fiber converter for a camera run and I'd like to power it off a small 12V 7AH battery. Will this work well and for how long would you suppose?As the battery loses juice, will the voltage drop below 12V to a point where it would harm the Black Magic?Thanks
  18. S

    Control/Dimming Switch on lights from switch or DB ?

    Hi Guys!Just a question! Im currently doing lightings in a church installation setting. Basically, i currently switch on the lights via the normal wall switches or power iso. I also have access to the power db. So which do you guys normally use? I would prefer the db as i feel that the wall...
  19. fofosfederation

    Control/Dimming My Intelligent Fixtures Power Up When My Board Shuts Down

    General I'm a student at a college theater, and we have an incredibly annoying problem where a random number of our intelligent lights will power up as soon as our lighting board turns off. Our SetupETC Eos Lighting Board Connects to an ETC Net3 Show Control Gateway Ancient ETC Dimmer Rack...
  20. EHansenLX

    Chauvet Mini Strobe LED Question

    Hi all: I'm lighting a dance show in a few weeks and they need strobe lights for a couple numbers. The stage is pretty large (55' long by 43'5" deep and 31ish feet tall - although the front is a thrust)Anyway, I was wondering if anybody had any experience with the Chauvet Mini Strobe LED. Do...