1. beescores

    Practical Stove

    Hey, all. I'm trying to make a single burner on an old gas stove work for a current show. So far I hid a single burner camp stove inside the range top, and I've gotten it connected to a propane tank hidden in the oven (the stove is on the SL side of a 3/4 thrust so there's no wall to hide the...
  2. R

    Design Issues and Solutions Running G40-bulb-style string lights on a battery

    Hi all,A show I'm working on wants "makeup-mirrors," ringed by lightbulbs, on vanities that move around onstage during scenes. The pre-made led-on-a-battery-pack options I have presented have been vetoed, so I'm looking at powering a short string of globe lights off of a 12v battery. A cursory...
  3. J

    RC4 Wireless 2-dim Prop

    Hi all,For our show, an actor needs to walk around stage with a kerosene practical lantern and will turn on the lantern onstage. We have a RC4 wireless 2-dim which hides very nicely in the base of the prop.I was wondering which low-voltage light source would look best for the job, if you...
  4. PeterV

    Creative Conners introduces Spotline Practical

    Creative Conners, Inc. introduces Spotline Practical, a new small, form-factor hoist with a powered lifting line and integrated motion controller. Spotline Practical easily lifts small scenic elements and practical lighting while maintaining safety standards and ease of use. Controlled by...