1. E

    Moving light help please

    Our theater has an ETC light board and we have 2 moving light instruments (GLP Impression Spot One). One of these instruments is completely non responsive to anything the board tells it to do, and the second will move change gobos etc. but NOT focus or zoom.I am trying to discern if we...
  2. JD

    Mixers/Consoles Mystery Low Monitor Level (with answer!)

    So, two days ago I did a gig with the choral group I sing with. During setup, I took a fall and hurt myself, which is the excuse I'll used for this amateur mistake I made during setup ;) We had almost no monitor feed during the show, which is unusual as I keep things well maintained and tested...
  3. Krawford

    Control/Dimming The joys of retrofitting (or a tale of Microplex conversion)

    I recently got a Leviton I/F 501 interface unit in order to upgrade the controller in a small theatre i work in. I'm having an issue with slight intermittent level flutters and the fellow on the leviton tech support line and I have exhausted his troubleshooting diagram. Anyone on here ever have...
  4. A

    Wheat Bundles for La Fille Mal Gardee

    For the production, we need what looks like 12 bundles of wheat and they have to be fairly large in diameter, around 10". It does not have to actually be wheat, just give the impression of it. I already have an idea how to do this but I'm hoping for an easier, faster way because load in is in 1...
  5. TheTheaterGeek

    Chauvet Hurricane Haze 2D Issues

    We have a Chauvet Hurricane 2D and it crap itself earlier this week.When plugged in, Fan turns on at full but display does not work, Buttons dont change anything, nor does dmx.Any ideas?Clay