projection mapping

  1. SWDM

    Set Up w/QuickVu and PerfectCue

    Hey all my boss has me as video lead and I understand signal flow but just want to make sure I have this right so any tips would be very helpful. So my equipment consists of 2 x 7'6"x13'4" Screen Frame, 2 x 6500 Lumen 1920x1200 LCD Projector, Perfect Cue, Analogueway QuickVu, and confidence...
  2. M

    Preferred Projection Software

    I'm wondering what people's preferred software for running projections is, mine is QLab because of easy of use, relatively low price point, and personal familiarity with the software.If you have an opinion, please share your preference and why.Thanks
  3. A

    Projection Mapping Software For ipad with cueing?

    Hi everyone,I am wondering if anyone knows of any projection mapping software for ipad that has a cueing function?
  4. FxDrew

    The "Goto Show Channel" Podcast is coming online

    Hi Everyone!I'm Drew Atienza, a working professional in Media Servers and my co-host is Tom Huston, a lighting designer and 3D/previz specialist. We are excited to announce that we are starting a podcast called "Goto Show Channel" where we will discuss both emerging technologies and...
  5. FxDrew

    Check out the Projection Mapping installation at St. Louis Union Station!

    Hi all! If you get the chance, head over to St. Louis Union Station (1820 Market Street, St. Louis MO) and check out the projection mapping shows that happen nightly, starting at about 5 pm and goes till midnight. It's free, in the lobby.
  6. foo1996

    Projection Mapping Content.

    Hi Guys need some help . First time in charge of Multimedia Department for school show. Needed to do mapping .Just to ask you all what software can i use to create my content for show?
  7. Joshualangman

    Affordable automation for very lightweight scenery?

    Hi all!Here’s a fun question. Please note: this is for preliminary brainstorming purposes only. It’s for a show that hasn’t even entered preproduction, and I’m just exploring some first ideas. I will not attempt to implement any automation myself, as I am not a scenic or automation designer...