projection screen

  1. Gambino

    Illusion of depth with video projection

    Hi! Newbie here.I'm doing this show where we need give the illusion that there's an extra room beyond the back of the scenario where some stuff is happening during the show.For this, at the back of the scenario there's an openning, about 3 meters x 3 meters, where the projection of this...
  2. J

    Design Issues and Solutions Projector Screen with Full Stage Wash Lighting

    Hello, I am new to an older style proscenium theater that is a VERY multi-use. My issue is with when we have PPT presentations it is projected onto a screen flown just behind the proscenium and main curtains very simple and foolproof. The problem though is in order to present on stage we need to...
  3. K

    Projection Screen from Amazon?

    I have a small stage that we use projections on, typically on flats specific to the show, against the back wall of the stage (there is nothing behind it, literally a solid wall - I can't project directly onto it, though, because of irregularities in the wall). We were thinking that something a...