1. TheArsonist

    Connecting to Two Projectors Over a Long Distance?

    At my high school theatre we are planning to send a signal from the booth computer to two rear projectors. Essentially from one end of the theatre to the other. What would be the best way to accomplish this? It's my understanding that we would need to 1: Split the signal from the computer so...
  2. Mistermon

    Printed pattern projection through LED SRC4

    Hello CB, I have an odd question which I think will require some trial and error, but wanted to ask the group if anyone had any experience in what I'm considering.Background: Years ago I was able to rent some lekos (Selecon Acclaim, I think) that had the light source 90degrees from the lens...
  3. T

    Rear Projection Small Throw Distance available

    I am a high school theatre teacher and I have been researching projectors, projections and specs, but I'm more confused than ever about what I'm looking for. I would like to purchase a projector to use to create some backdrops for a variety of shows including our Fall musical. I know I'm going...
  4. Rex Lupa Primus

    VERY Simple CYC Projection - Do I need software?

    I'm a high school student running tech for a middle school production.The director has asked if I can project a winter scene with falling snow onto the cyc. I've spent time researching projection modeling software on and off this forum, but most of the solutions I've found are designed to...
  5. A

    Projection Mapping Software For ipad with cueing?

    Hi everyone,I am wondering if anyone knows of any projection mapping software for ipad that has a cueing function?
  6. Gambino

    Illusion of depth with video projection

    Hi! Newbie here.I'm doing this show where we need give the illusion that there's an extra room beyond the back of the scenario where some stuff is happening during the show.For this, at the back of the scenario there's an openning, about 3 meters x 3 meters, where the projection of this...
  7. J

    Design Issues and Solutions Projector Screen with Full Stage Wash Lighting

    Hello, I am new to an older style proscenium theater that is a VERY multi-use. My issue is with when we have PPT presentations it is projected onto a screen flown just behind the proscenium and main curtains very simple and foolproof. The problem though is in order to present on stage we need to...
  8. A

    New Cyclorama ?

    Hello everyone! I'm a part of a high school theater company looking to buy a new cyclorama. As of right now, we have a muslin cyc however it seems like it is painted over a more white color. We've realized that muslin is the most common material, however, our theater also uses our cyc for...
  9. doggmann

    Live Projection of iPhone with Filter?

    Hey Boothies! Here's a question: we'd like to project from an iPhone while said iPhone is recording live. Ideally we'd love to have the iPhone recording with some of those filter on facebook or instagram and sending that as a live feed to a projector.Anyone have an experience with that...
  10. Palms

    Latency issues with qlab

    Having a qlab nightmare!!For a show I have to run qlab to 3 separate projectors. At times they have to play the same video simultaneously but what I’m discovering is that they run way out of time with the video beginning in sync with sound and then quickly coming out to the point where it...
  11. E

    Camera recommendations for shooting projection footage

    Hi all, I am looking to purchase a camera that I can use for shooting footage and stills for my video designs. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!
  12. Palms

    3 different size screens with Qlab 3

    Hello!I need to project onto 3 different sized screens (or at the very least one centrally bigger than the outer two). I need to use Qlab 3 for this and was thinking to use a TripleHead2Go but Qlab are suggesting that in this case all the screens would have to be the same size. Does anyone...
  13. FxDrew

    The "Goto Show Channel" Podcast is coming online

    Hi Everyone!I'm Drew Atienza, a working professional in Media Servers and my co-host is Tom Huston, a lighting designer and 3D/previz specialist. We are excited to announce that we are starting a podcast called "Goto Show Channel" where we will discuss both emerging technologies and...
  14. Tamas Nagy

    Imimot released Mitti 1.2

    Hungary, July 25, 2017 - Imimot has Mitti version 1.2, a huge update to it’s - macOS-only - professional Video Cue playback application, which is now available from the Imimot website.Mitti is a feature-packed professional Video Cue playback application for theatre, presentation and live...
  15. Paddy

    Creating a Rear-Projection, Light Tolerant, Digital CYC

    Hi Everyone!My TD has asked if we can afford to create a digital cyc for the next show ... and so the research has begun! The Problem:We have a 40'x20' white cyc with roughly 8' of clearance between it and the back wall. We would like to use rear projection for this solution and still be...
  16. Julian Amrine

    Live Video for Birdseye Camera View (QLab 3 solution needed)

    Hello all,We are currently mounting a production of The Producers, and want to pull off an effect during Springtime for Hitler where we project a birdseye view of the dancers on the cyc behind them. We have a good projection system, but we have never worked with live video before. The...
  17. tdtastic

    Big Projections/ Little Budget

    How can I create large scale scenic projections on a small budget ($3,000ish)? We have a white, seamless cyc with shop space behind. I would like to throw an image from behind, about 25' back that would give me an overall image approximately 40'x20'.What little knowledge I have with...
  18. D

    Real Time Projection Keystoning Based on Location of Viewer

    Hello,I'm trying to find a way to correct the perspective of a projection which shows a room looking through the vantage point of a window. The viewers will be appx. 20' away from the screen and will be moving left to right. I would like to have the image account for the perspective change...
  19. M

    Creating a custom scoreboard projection

    I'm trying to make myself a simple live digital scoreboard projection, but what I thought would be an easy task is proving either outrageously expensive or tough on a Mac. All I'm looking for is to overlay text boxes on a scoreboard graphic and manipulate it without the audience seeing my mouse...
  20. L

    Multiple Projections from one or two computers?

    So I've started working on a production about the tornado that went through the town I live in five years ago and the decision has been made to use three projectors. The projectors will be used show photos/video of the damage/reconstruction of the town as well as a couple of video scenes. We...