1. cnnrward

    Converged projector mismatch

    I’m advancing a production requiring converged projectors for primary/backup.Most of the venues either have a matched set, or no projectors at all (then I rent a matched set)In the case where a venue has just one projector, I have been asked to match it.Can I match a venue’s Barco...
  2. Zebetz

    Projection for Theatre - Position and Type?

    I am looking to price projectors for a permanent install as a front projector to fill the cyc in a 400 seat house. It's a long throw - roughly 146' from the spot tower, or 100'ish from the catwalk to the cyc. Proscenium is 44' across and 20' high with a 54' wide cyc. Another possibility would be...
  3. T

    Rear Projection Small Throw Distance available

    I am a high school theatre teacher and I have been researching projectors, projections and specs, but I'm more confused than ever about what I'm looking for. I would like to purchase a projector to use to create some backdrops for a variety of shows including our Fall musical. I know I'm going...
  4. Quentin (Cue)

    Projector recommendations

    Greetings everyone,I hope this isn't stupid for me to post, but I am looking for some recommendations for a projector to buy. The women I'm working for has asked me to find something that will shoot on a scrim that is 15'X15'. Ideally, she wants it to cover the whole width and length. I asked...
  5. Joshualangman

    DMX iris as projector douser?

    Hi all,Does anyone do this? Any reason not to? I'm concerned that the iris may be smaller than the lens even when full open. Does anyone make an iris-type product for a larger aperture than the typical S4 iris?Josh
  6. mikefellh

    When to change the projector bulb?

    Let's say it's not blown.Epson G6900WU with a 6000 lumen bulb. It's rated at 2000hours in "normal mode" (vs. 4000 hours in "eco" mode). I got 750hours normal, 225 eco. I was thinking of waiting until end of May (end of our season) to do it...that would add another another 130hours...
  7. EWCguy

    Manual Dowser for Projector

    I'm working in a high school that has a ceiling-mounted projector in the tech booth that hits a screen that comes down in front of the stage. I'd like to use that for supertitles in Thoroughly Modern Millie, but just access the top-most portion of the screen - and block out all the rest of the...
  8. E

    Turn off auto keystone on Espon 2165?

    Hi there, We have an Epson powerlite 2165 that we need to move a few times during a production. We use a/v mute and have it spiked so it rolls on and off stage to the same location each time we bring it back on again. I'd like to turn off the auto keystone or whatever feature is making it try...
  9. J

    School Theater Projector

    My school is looking to beef up it's projections but currently they only use a standard classroom (2500 lumin) projector. When the Theater lights are on the image is super weak. We currently have only 5,000 Francs/dollars to spend but I am thinking that there is a stack-able projector that can...
  10. voztimbrada

    Best Method? - Long Cable Run via Thunderbolt - Matrox Triple Head

    Hello All,All you video folks out there, I could sure use some advice on this. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.I'm doing a video projector install in a theater soon, and I know there are a number of different ways I can wire this set up. I'm just trying to figure out the best way...
  11. Harrison

    Hanging A Projector from Batten

    Hi everyone,First of all, there's a similar thread here that I've already referenced, but lightingandsoundSHS had a different model projector than I do, and many of the products referenced in that thread are no longer available.I'm looking to hang a Panasonic PT-LB80NTE projector on one of...
  12. e.clarkson

    Help! I have a dim projector

    Well in all honesty, the projector just isn't the right gear for the space I am currently designing in. It is attempting to throw about twice as far as it is made to do. I currently have two projectors set up, attempting to get one solid image made from the both of them. This was our attempt at...
  13. S

    Multiple Projectors v. One Projector

    Thoughts on using multiple projectors to achieve a certain level of lumens, versus one projector?Projector A - 7k, lower contrast ration Projector B - 12k+, higher contract ratioIf I we're to overlay multiples of the 7k, would I actually achieve an equal or great lumen brightness? Would the...
  14. C

    Small Space Large Screen Help

    I run a touring company that takes programs to schools, community centers, libraries, and theaters around the country. We have a new production coming up we are hoping to use with projections. My limitations are...screen size is 90" high by 120" wide (so a 150" diagonal)..we don't always have...
  15. Bgarrett74

    Suggestion on Projector gear

    Hello, I am putting together a package of projectors for our theater department. We are purchasing the Panasonic PT-RS11 laser projectors. We will be mounting these projectors to truss and in some cases batons. The projectors are fairly new and I am having trouble finding cases, mounts, cables...