1. Rick Wright


    Anyone have recommendations for a projector to shine "backdrops" onto our cyc? Must compete with stage lights. It would need to hang from pipe above the stage.
  2. Bubby4j

    Measuring Ambient Light For Required Projector Brightness

    I'm trying to determine how bright of a projector we need in our church's auditorium.Right now we have 2 Panasonic PT-DW5000U projectors per screen with the image from each projector stacked on the other (we have 2 screens). Each projector is supposed to be 4,500 lumens so we'd have a...
  3. Rod

    Replacements for Panasonic PT LB-60NU Projectors?

    Our church has three Panasonic PT LB-60NU 3000 lumens projectors ceiling mounted. They were purchased/installed in 2003, and two have died completely after fading blue, while the third is fading blue. They are used for about 3 hours each Sunday.They are mounted about 10-12 feet from the white...