1. tdtastic

    Wireless Dimming LED's inside prop

    Working on a new futuristic play that calls for several props and one costume piece to have LED indicator lights that turn on and off at scripted times throughout the play. I could get away with a simpler actor-controlled setup for one of the props. But ultimately I'd love wireless DMX control...
  2. tdtastic

    FS Greased Lightning

    Rebuilt from a 1948 Chevy, this is a great prop if you're going for a 'real car' look and have the space for your production. We are asking $2,500 OBO -- must pick up in Alabama.We took out the suspension and drive systems, cut off the roof, and added a dance deck in the back where the rear...
  3. K

    Bob: A life in 5 acts

    So I'm a High School student director and the show I'm working on right now requires a car that can drive onstage. Also, the trunk of another car, plausibly big enough for a person to fit in. I have no idea how to accomplish this effectively, and I would really hate to end up putting a cardboard...
  4. propguy

    Waiter tray with rigged glasses

    This should be a straight forward prop, but every time I encounter trays and glasses I get scared just a but. I normally encounter them as items that must separate but in my next production they must be attached and never move. I want to use a standard restaurant serving tray and put two water...
  5. C

    Semele - Fire table

    I'm currently working on a production of Semele by Handel at college (RWCMD) and am trying to figure out how to get two lines of fire to stay alight for at least 10 minutes. Any ideas appreciated but must be real flames!
  6. propguy

    Question relating to seemingly easy props in Forever Plaid...

    I will be doing props for the musical Forever Plaid this summer and had a few props I was wondering how to find and/ or make:1. ASTHMA INHALER 2. ORTHODONTIC RETAINER 3. LIGHT UP BANANAS for the bamboo banana poles in the calypso numberThanks in advance for any and all suggestions!!!
  7. A

    Wheat Bundles for La Fille Mal Gardee

    For the production, we need what looks like 12 bundles of wheat and they have to be fairly large in diameter, around 10". It does not have to actually be wheat, just give the impression of it. I already have an idea how to do this but I'm hoping for an easier, faster way because load in is in 1...
  8. H

    Flashlights- make them stop stobing

    We're using several flashlights as props / onstage lighting for a black box performance. But every nice, bright LED flashlight has 3-7 modes that you need to cycle the light through. Has anyone tried opening up guts and shorting the switch? It seems like it would be a matter of removing...