1. H

    Automated Fixtures VL2500 Spot Intermittent Pulsating and re-striking

    Hello All,I have a VL2500 Spot fixture that occasionally while operating the light will start pulsing.The light will pulse for a few minutes and then become steady, It will continue to alternate between pulsing and steady through the duration of it's use. It roughly spends about 2/3rd's of...
  2. D

    Control/Dimming DMX controller that is capable of pulsing in milliseconds

    Hi,I am new to this page but it seems like the right place to get my questions answered... I need a DMX controller that is capable of pulsing in milliseconds. I need to pulse LEDs at the same on-off frequency, so nothing complicated but I need a device and a piece of code that will allow me to...
  3. Fluxion Designs

    Control/Dimming Pulsing Dimmers - This one is a major head scratcher.

    Hello everyone, I've used this board in the past and appreciate all the good expertise here. I've posted in the past, but for some reason my account isn't being recognized at all, so I had to start a new one. Apologies for that. I'm working with a venue who are having what is a fairly common...