1. David Lam

    Looking for recommendations for Static wash lights

    I am in the market for some static LED wash lights for our theater. My grid is at 13'8" and looking to cover an area approx. 30' wide with 5 fixtures. I think I need something between 20-30 degrees. I am hoping you all might have some thoughts on what will provide the brightest most vivid...
  2. ademhayyu1

    Advice for Purchasing Moving Lights

    (Apologies, moderators, if this is the wrong section to ask this question.)Hello,I am the Senior Lighting Director for my high school and I am in charge of designing the technical and artistic aspects of the school's fall play and spring musical. As well as other productions and events.I...
  3. W

    Wireless Microphone Suggestions

    Hey everyone,I'm looking into purchasing new microphones for an installation in the future. I have decided that I would like to go with either Shure or Lectrosonics, two brands that I trust for reliability (such as Shure's UHF-R, the new Axient series or anything by Lectro). I refuse to use...
  4. M

    Chinese Road Cases/ Rack in the Cases Limited

    Hello,Thinking about purchasing from a Chinese company some simple utility cases, nothing that needs to be incredibly rugged, but want to make sure the company is legit. Has anyone ever dealt with the company Rack in the Cases Limited? chinaflightcases.com?
  5. T

    Help with cheap solution

    I am adviser to a club that does performances in a classroom sizes space. Suddenly the theatre dept. (of which I am a member) pulled support of equipment for the club which they have been using the last 5 years (and taking care of) . I have to come up with a board and some instruments for this...
  6. GregM

    120k rig. Worth investing in?

    I'm advising my buddy who owns a small production company on lighting and 120k rigs came up. Are they still relevant? Granted I advised adding movers to the rig as well. But we're talking for 40x40 roof systems or the occasional small to medium sized venue. His lighting inventory is incredibly...