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    GamFuel alternatives

    For an upcoming production, we will be using open flame effects (with relevant permits and licensed operators) and will be using several of the "GAM Torch" self-extinguishing torches. I have managed to get my hands on the required number of torches, however unfortunately GAM (now part of Rosco)...
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    Job Announcment Pyro & Special Effects Technician

    Pyro & SPFX Technician- PROFESSIONAL FIREWORKS & SPECIAL EFFECTS COMPANYIllumination Fireworks, LLC is hiring a Pyro & SPFX Technician in Dallas, TX. Illumination Fireworks produces large-scale professional fireworks displays, indoor and outdoor pyrotechnics, lasers, cryo jets, fog, flames...
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    Semele - Fire table

    I'm currently working on a production of Semele by Handel at college (RWCMD) and am trying to figure out how to get two lines of fire to stay alight for at least 10 minutes. Any ideas appreciated but must be real flames!